Our Story


What started as a small pop up shop in Milan, Tennessee has evolved into a chic store front on Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota.  Owners and sisters, Suzanne and Michelle Erdmann, launched Pichardo Boutique in Milan, Tennessee's Adobe Square in 2012 with a pop up shop concept in mind.  Both having a family business background and Michelle with her fashion background, we’re enthusiastic to launch Pichardo.  "We wanted to open a store but start small and learn the business by leasing short term store fronts in different cities.  We wanted to find the perfect location for Pichardo as we grew.”  In addition to our Duluth store front, Pichardo participates in pop up events like festivals, shopping markets, private parties and more.  These events are what makes working retail so much fun!  We strive to give our customer’s an eclectic mix of merchandise that will satisfy their fashion needs.

"We hope that Pichardo inspires you to escape the ordinary and express yourself through fashion and style."